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  • Designed specifically for BMP SNOUT®

  • All Stainless Steel Construction for extreme service life.

  • Comes standard with 0.25” perforation for fine debris removal.

  • Non-Clogging design with more inlet area than Snout for high flows.

  • Compact design allows for maximum volume of structure to be used for trash storage.

  • Comes complete with installation kit.

  • Certified as “Full Trash Capture” device when used with SNOUT in California.

  • Perfect Gross-Pollutant Trap for all stormwater applications.

  • Recommended application is in series downstream of other SNOUT-equipped inlets. After at least one SNOUT has removed the large floatables in the system.



  •  Trash Screens are available for most SNOUTS up to the 52".
This Product Weighs: 
16.00 Lbs.
$1 677.40
Detailed Spec: 
Short Spec (CAD): 
Short Spec (PDF): 
Also Known As:
Gross Floating Particle Fitler
Particle Fitler
Sediment Filter
Gross Particle Remover
Trash Filter
Stormwater Debris Filter
Stormwater BMP Filter