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The Bio-Skirt® offers cost-effective oil control for stormwater inlets.

  • Bio-Skirt material has been proven to significantly reduce polluting hydrocarbons typically retained in stormwater structures—which can help keep beaches, bays, rivers, and lakes safer.
  • The Bio-Skirt is constructed of fabric treated with a non-leaching antimicrobial to preserve the service-life of the unit .
  • The combination of the Snout® and the Bio-Skirt is an extremely robust delivery method to reduce many significant pollutants of concern including TSS, Gross Particles, Floatable Trash and Debris and Hydrocarbons.
  • The media used to construct the Bio-Skirt has been shown to significantly reduce hydrocarbons including Motor Oil/Diesel, Vegetable Oils, Emulsified Oils, and Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). [0.5 grams of Bio-Skirt material has been shown to remove more than 96% of a diesel/motor oil mixture (9.6g out of 10g) in a sample tank. Emulsified oils have been reduced by 95% (from 140 ppm to 7 ppm) at a flow rate of 100 gal./min. per 1 sq. ft section of Bio-Skirt fabric. Per ASTM Method F726-81, “Sorbent Performance of Adsorbents”, Bio-Skirt media has been shown to adsorb more than 10 times its own weight of 50W motor oil.]

US Patent 7857966 International Patents Pending


Installation Kit

Typical Deployment Schedule:
12-18" SNOUT- One Bio-Skirt
24-30" SNOUT- Two Bio-Skirts
36-52" SNOUT- Three Bio-Skirts
72" and up, Call 800-504-8008 for guidance.

This Product Weighs: 
4 lbs.
Short Spec (CAD): 
Short Spec (PDF): 
Also Known As:
Adsorbing Filter
Storm Drain Filter
Hydrocarbon filter
Hydrocarbon Skimmer
Catchbasin Oil and Hydrocarbon Remover
Bio-Skirt Brochure