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  Urban road collection requires an aggressive
upstream approach in order to trap the trash
and oils as close to the point of entry as
possible. Typically intersections should be the
priority, with all 4 corners covered.
  This example illustrates the curb side collection
structures as the primary line of defense with
the collection line conveying the runoff to a series of final structures.
  Within the final series the first handles some energy control, the second takes out gross floatables and some suspended-solids, and the last discharge utilizes Flow Deflectors, a SNOUT, and a Trash Screen.
  Note; an upstream Snout is required when a Trash Screen is used. This creates a “total capture” system suitable for discharge into a waterway.

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1 2 3
Intersection Xray
Intersection Inlets
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Energy Control and...
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Full Capture
Final Polishing and...
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