We understand that one size doesn’t always fit all.

SNOUTS Direct Screenshot on Macbook

We’ve designed a range of products that work where a standard SNOUT® won’t fit.

BMP makes a variety of SNOUT for special applications. For instance, for retrofit applications, where entry to the structure is constrained, we make SPLIT SNOUTs. These parts, which can be brought piece-by-piece into the structure and assembled once inside, are a convenient way to get a SNOUT through a small opening. We also make low profile SNOUTs, extra deep SNOUT and parts for other applications as described below.

Low Profile

Our LP318F Snout is designed for small box structures with up to 8” pipes allowing our system to be installed in tight spaces.

Split Snouts

Our Split SNOUTs are designed to fit through smaller access points like manhole cover frames. All Split SNOUTs will fit through a 24” round structure opening with models for up to 24” ID pipe.

Extra Depth (XD) Snouts

Our XD series Snouts such as the 18R10XD are designed for increased insertion depth beneath the pipe invert. This is most important for oil separators. We also have risers sections to add depth to many SNOUT models.

Small Structures (NP) Snouts

“Small structure SNOUTs” are designed to fit 18-36” ID ROUND structures.

Sand Snout

Our 318 SandSnout is used to coverthe inlet slots (up to 3x18”) in a Sand Filter.

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